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One time there was a girl and she had a fan.

It was an old grey metal, clanky one. There was a tab to turn it on and off, and the girl named U called it a Lous. She scratched her name in the bottom of it when she was young. That was due to having a flat-head screwdriver handy and not being able to get the bottom off. One day U got sick of the fan, she wanted one that was quiet and colorful. Now U definitely deserved the best of things, and that fan didn't work right it, plus it was metal and clanky. She got rid of it and life moved on.

After acquiring a new fan everything was good.

Well much like all technology, things became harder to fix, when something went wrong. U was sick and tired of trying to find a fan, she didn't even really need a fan. She walked on through and estate sale, thinking about that old fan, metal and clanky. She thought as she walked how fitting her first metal and clanky fan that didn't work for her, would be in this area. She walked on through and was approaching leaving, into another when she stopped.

U saw it!

Over on that shelf there, sat an old metal, fan just like hers. It was between a set of tools, and a ceramic pig. The pig was standing on two legs, wearing a police uniform and blowing a whistle. She reached over and picked up the fan, metal and clanky. It felt like the fan came to life or something when she touched it. She held it for a moment, then turned it over.

This story was a quick little wing, when a friend texted me the word "Fantabulous"
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Submitted on
January 19