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 Once upon a time there lived a Wibble, and perhaps explaining what a Wibble is, is where I should start. For lack of a better word, I will call them Fey creatures. They are humanoid in form, and if you ever read a children’s story, you have most likely met one or two, as well. They are magical beings, with abilities to do great things. Sometimes they’re as big as a dragon, and they can be as small as hummingbirds. They can be found in forests, other times they can’t be spotted because they are hibernating for the winter. You can’t always see them whenever you want, because the pesky creatures choose when they allow it.

 Some are very intelligent and can be playful, but dangerous at times also. They come in various colors. I think the blue and red ones are about as special as special gets. They are somewhere between a Sprite and a Nymph, they can be very serious, and you better listen when they say things, because what’s said is generally pretty important to them. This story revolves around a female Wibble named Willow. She is the epitome of  everything close to her, it’s said she is magical in ways most people may not understand, but there’s one who definitely knows.

 News spread pretty quickly. There was an evil presence planning to do bad stuff in a land far away and the Wibbles who lived there were already feeling the effects. Willow was of deep focus, and this affected her greatly in her wibbly ways. She decided she must go and be there, she needed to use her voice, much like a protective mother would defend her child. Willow was so incredibly beautiful on the inside, and it was that, which made her who she is. She left quickly on the next astral-plane and was off, on the highway moments later.

 There she was! Surrounded by other Wibbles, plus some Wizzles, and Woozles. she looked at a Wibble and asked if she was at Wizer-Won. The reply was “Han unkiyechinka (she motioned to a group of Wibbles) un Wichasa Wibble.”. Willow looked at the Wibble confused by this mostly. The other Wibble noticed this look and nodded her head yes. She spoke slowly forming words Willow would understand better. “Yes we be Native Wibble”

 After the first day ended, Willow being very intelligent, understood (mostly) what was happening. There was this big place that worked to make stuff called money and it was bad. The Wibbles inside didn’t care about other Wibbles and creatures, or nature herself, if money could be made. A Wichasa Wibble said that some of them would escort her there tomorrow, tonight is now and it is for rest. The Wichasa Wibbles knew something was different about her, and she sensed it. She was nervous, scared, sad and something new, not understood.

 Her rest wasn’t peaceful, and commotion rose before the sun. Loud noises and sounds came, no Wibble ever heard before. They were all scared as bright beams of sunshine wrapped over the ground under the night. Those beams cut through the night like the heavy scraping sounds fighting each other, and being heard in various places. There were big and loud growling things too. She saw one’s face in the sunbeams. Its swazzle was rectangle and it had big black teeth in a row of seven going sideways. It’s air hole inside was grey with holes in it. It’s seezles were so scary. They were big rectangles like it’s swazzle and went around the sides of it’s ozzle, which was blocky. It looked like there was a Wibble in each of the seezles. The thing was yellow and black. It’s sniffle was split in half with one half around the side of each seezle in front of each errzle.

 As sunlight came and the noises temporarily dinned, the Wibbles saw the big metal things quiet and lifeless, sleeping or something in various locations The place sent big hard things with odd shapes that blew steam. They didn’t have any wazzles and their woozers went around in circles. There were big pointy things covered in scrapes from going through rocks on the front of one. There was another with giant scissor things  stained green, over scraped grey. It’s woozers had giant spikes protruding from them. Willow felt so bad she turned and ran, right around the corner stood a Gnome. He was tall and his skin looked like hers. In the moments that passed, some of the Wibbles came looking for her. The moment they arrived, all of them had seen the Gnome-ish looking Wibble, and Willow run into him.

 He looked at her and started getting mad, because of the collision. His face took on the features of a mole and his top lip went into this unnatural arch shaped. His hair was white and added more to his sinister look. He spoke  like an off key trumpet as he grabbed her wizzle, right between her wazzles and said something that began with “Apologies to me, for running into me! I will be respected because my name is Dizzle Dip”.

 Willow surged with bright bright red energy, she was so mad he put his hand there, and it was not ok. With force unsuspected a bit of her red guided her right wazzle’s wang-woozer, to it’s target. He doubled over and she contemplated releasing all of her red and hurting him really badly. She chose the higher road. It seemed she was wise beyond her years as she spoke.

 “I felt something deep in me, I had to be here. Greed is the evil you project when you hurt nature, animals and Wibbles. Your big hard things are here to do just that. I will not allow you here. You are a small minded Wibble that can only be happy by taking anything you want, legally or by force. I know who you are Dizzle Dip, you are not going to do this here. The land is sacred, these Wibbles have built, farmed and created life here. You, will not happen!”

 Dizzle retorted with some remarks about the uneventful creation of Willow, just to get a reaction from her. The crowd around them had anger in their eyes. The Elders knew this was Willow’s fight, they wanted to see her achieve what only she could do. Her being active in this situation was sort of a rite of passage.

 Willow’s energy surged in a hot bright red color beyond her previous projections. She was trying to summon the right words, the energy surged and pulsated in colors of anger, her owzles kept balling into fists against her will. The crowd was silent in anticipation. Dizzle spoke another insult to her. When she heard him say “move woman, your life is insignificant to me, you are a petty nuisance holding up destruction. Yes that’s right I want to destroy Wibble homes. I want nature to be injured with permanent scars, and I don’t care about your stupid animal friends. None of this affects me, because I don’t live here. I don’t care about here, but I do care about all the money I will make. Tough break Wibble your loss. Now shut-up you weak-minded freak. That’s right none of anything here, means a thing to me. I won’t shed one tear!”

 With that he started laughing in this way that clearly defined he was heartless and cruel. This was also Willow’s breaking point. She tried so hard to contain herself, to stay in control, but when it came the release was uncontrollable. Her face tightened and she did this thing with her eyes (perhaps it meant she wasn’t fully sure what to do or say), and she made a panorama motion with her left owzle, as is separating the space between herself and Dizzle. Simultaneously with her right owzle, much faster and with more force, she made a vertical motion in front of him. Moments later the sky darkened and then it became very bright, almost serene. It was on this day that the term ’Calm before the storm” was first used.

 Leaves started spinning off the ground, the clusters were small, but then started joining each other, turning into a humanoid shape slowly. She looked around and the most elder Wichasa Wibble was standing next to her now. His seezles were closed. She heard Dizzle start to mumble in a panicked tone and turned her attention to see why. Those leaves that were forming together, finished. There was a not male, not female  leaf person standing there. The leaf person had vines growing out of it, they were wrapping around Dizzle. He was pleading for them to stop, they did not. They were consuming him or something, he was begging and pleading to be spared. There was no time left for regret.

 The Elder slowly explained “Tunkashila” to Willow. It was the Nature Spirit. It had protected the Wichasa land since creation began. With minor success Willow asked what was happening and how it got there. The Elder looked at her as he explained that she summoned it, and Dizzle will spend the rest of eternity alive as a tree-form, forever feeding that land that he wanted to harm. Her seezles grew wide and she was breathless for a moment, then smiled and became very happy. She did it, she stopped the hurt, she stopped Dizzle! She changed something so big and so important, she herself changed. She was stronger, and richer with knowledge, wisdom, and her new Wichasa Wibble friends. She even had a new remembrance day named for her courage and focus. Forever after today would be known as Aigluha-Wichasa’s Willow Wakte chan (Citizen-Native Willow’s Victorious day). She lived happily ever after, continuing on her path making the world safe and beautiful for all.
A fun little parody adventure in which Trump gets what's coming to him. In this story, his name is Dizzle Dip.

Please let me know your thoughts of the made-up words likes "seezles, and owzles" etc. I think they are pretty easy to figure out for the most part.

Another set of words I used, was from the Lakota language, I found online.
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Submitted on
December 7, 2016