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My greatest achievement to date is my satire story I have been writing, So You Want To Be King, eh? I am in my 6th chapter, the first is ready to be put online. I have commissioned a local artist to design the cover art, I will be receiving preliminary sketches in the next few days. Shortly I will be posting a free bit of it on Amazon. Once I receive the complete cover art, chapter one will be going on sale.

One For Another is something that is very close to me. I am in the process of setting an npo. In the beginning of the idea think soup kitchen, at the end of it think about Panera's "Pay What You Can" meals. My npo is based on the idea of low cost/ free quality meals. Some items will not be available for free, such as my baklava, broiled lamb, etc. That stuff costs a lot of money, I hope that once in a while stuff like that can be for everyone though. I am a good way in, and getting close to file with the state. Once, I am fully registered, then I can start applying for grants.I've already begun looking at locations.

I will be putting up links for both within a few days.

If anyone is interested in learning more about either of these, feel free to comment or message me. Be well folks.
Hey folks, how are you? I have begun removing doubles and triplets of photos from my computer. Usually when I take a picture, I shoot it a few times. As I go through them, I am tossing some in a folder for here. I'll start posting them soonish.

Have a great weekend, be well.
For any of you that may remember a few a years ago, I was doing poetry to photography of women. The idea was a compendium of eventual books called "The Fates". Inside the collection were 3 books that were titled; The Crimson Lore, Midnight and Her Embrace, and Little Earthquakes. I have been going through my work and edited some of the poetry, and will be re-posting work these works with the image written about, in a new folder called The Fates.

All of my work I once had up was ok'd by the photographer to be posted up here. I will be getting these permission as I can, again. If you do see a piece of work that is yours, please acknowledge it so I can re-request your permission or take it down at your request. I will also be requesting new subjects as well.
I'll randomly stop by people's pages and look around at their work, what they are trying to relay in a piece of work, think about it and appreciate the values in variables given.

What is beyond me is how people can assume what is going through the mind of an artist they've never spoken too, yet seem to think they "know" the artist like a close personal friend.

I said the words "you should" once to someone while encouraging them on something. The response was that she didn't like the word "should" and mildly explained why.

For those of you that do not know a lot about me, I am a writer, although I don't post my work online (theft and all). I think about words, I think of how powerful they can be when put in this order or that. They have impact, whether positive or negative. I have learned this and try to live by it.

I was looking around on here to and I saw a comment on a photo. The photo was a woman who was not smiling. The comment stated that the woman should be smiling. 

It irked me. The person has no idea on what the image was trying to relay and being cute in the specific comment stated was more along the lines of being assumptive and arrogant in way of suggestion. 

That image was created like that for a reason most of us, if not all will never know. I think leaving comments is fine, but when the work is undermined for the sole purpose of someone wanting to be "cute", it becomes a very negative connotation in undertone. 

It's kind of exactly the same thing as a female being degraded for doing an artistic nude around here and then some jackhole leaving a comment about how cute her tits are.

I am pretty sure there are some people who post nudes to get comments and attention, and they get their trolls that hit on them over pictures too. On a more serious level though, I think models and photographers that work towards a basis of creating something that is moving paint those scenes, and who are we to abuse what we don't understand the ideas behind? steals photos and slaps his name on them. I have reported him. Be Leary if you notice he came by your page.
Who saw the game? Wow those last two minutes were crazy.
With only a few days before Christmas, then a new year ahead I hope everyone is doing well. I have more images I will be uploading later today, thanks for all the comments and favorites you have supplied me with this past year. To the new friends and acquaintances I have made around here, and to everyone in general, I hope your year ends well, and you have health into the next.
Well maybe I ought not start my journal like that, it might be kind of offensive to some folks. Anyway...I am a volunteer. I cook in soup kitchens, and have for about 10 years now. I know the ins and outs etc and such. I want to go out on my own and set up shop, although I need a lot of help to do so. If you would like to help I would greatly appreciate it. Here's my Go Fund Me mission statement and plan, please take a look and help if you can. It would mean a lot.
I have a bunch of new photos to come, but the only problem is I can't find where I put them...hate when this happens. They will turn up. In the mean time look around through my groups, old art, critiques etc. See what you think, let me know too. Hope everyone is well.
Please vote below, in the actual "vote" area below the journal.

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2. Moors by forgotten-tale

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4. Scarecrow by annewipf

5. <da:thumb id="554201479"/>
Good day folks, how are you? I am having a connection problem on my desktop where all my pictures are stored. I figured this out last night when I tried putting some new work up. I am not sure what the issue is, but I will be trying to get it squared up over the next couple days. Hope all is well, have a nice day.
thelovelyexpressions.deviantar… is my main group, it's an improvement on a previous group I ran. I would like to generate some attention for it so I am posting the newest journal here. I figure since my core membership allows it to go the Journal Potal more people will see it. Please stop by after and take a peak. Thank you.

Hey people, how are you doing? I have been pleased seeing what has come in submission wise, and look forward to the future. I am grateful to everyone who has joined and hope you are enjoying the efforts of my new group. I feel much better about this one than I did with Where Beauty Reigns. Things are slow but progressing, and so it is.

I am trying to run this group better and more loosely than the previous one and always appreciate input. I have interacted with quite a few of you and wish to hear thoughts from ALL of you on how this group can be better.

I am always looking for points donations and or a super group status but also realize that people do not wish to donate just because some one else wants them too and such. I have a plan...

I will be starting a new area called "Featured Artists" in which you can have your work featured in blocks of time as follows.

1 week for 50 points
2 weeks for 75 points
1 month for 110 points

As well for a one time purchase of 300 points you can get your own permanent folder in the group.

All proceeds from this will be going to the funding of a Super Group status. If and when that happens future points will be for updating my "Core" status as well as future contest awards and such.

Halloween is coming so the first contest (with a yet unknown prize) is starting today. The "Halloween" folder will be fully open to all submissions (2 per day for everyone). On October 28th I will choose my top 10 favorites and a poll vote will be available until I go to bed on Hallows Eve. The winning piece of work will be featured at that point. I hope I see a lot of participation from you guys.

Be well.
If you are familiar with my group wherebeautyreigns.deviantart.c…, you know I run a tight ship if you read the journals, rules and such. If you read these you also know about "lurkers". For those of you who are unaware my idea of a lurker is someone who watches the group or comes to the page, but has nothing on their but nude "favorites" on their page. I look at people's pages when I see they watch, or have visited my group. Recently a page I went had over a 2000 favorites, whichever random page number I went to it was just nudes.

I would like to be able to block these people from even being able to see what's in it. Currently by DA standards this is not possible.

I have been in a little contact with one of the sites' admin, and have been told to see if others would be interested in something like this. I have posted a new poll concerning this idea. Please vote yes or no for me to see if I have a shot in hell, I would really like for this to happen. Lurkers aren't welcome in my group (I wish to be able to protect my members), and maybe you don't want them in yours either.

Thank you in advance for any votes and comments.
Hey folks how are you doing? I have added a few new random photos and a new poll so please come by and take a peak, as well as give an answer :D I am looking forward to continue looking through deviations for my groups, one of which: www.wherebeautyreigns.devianta… I am collecting points for. I wish to make it a super group and could use your help. Thanks to any who might donate in advance, it's appreciated. I hope everyone has a good weekend, be safe and be well.
Hey folks how are you doing? Rather unfortunately my photo taking opportunities has come to a bit of a standstill temporarily. I hope to get that problem taken care of sooner than later.

I made a new poll for my groups, please take the time to answer it below, thanks I appreciate it.

Have a good rest of the weekend and be well. is a "lurker" who collects nudes. Be wary of him. He threw a temper tantrum because I wrote in his comments that he is not allowed to post any work with my name on it (see the p.s. below the video) as well I also relayed my thoughts on "lurkers" watching my group wherebeautyreigns.deviantart.c…. Here is his post about me, I hope you enjoy it like I did:)

32 minutes ago
:iconthebadspartan:thebadspartan posted a status
Android-shooter is a spammer and abuser! 
The best way to deal with him is to block this maniac

LOL I am such a MANIAC I should be Institutionalized!

P.S. Just to let you know as well he doesn't seem to think he needs permission to post people's work(Whether or not they require or allow it. At least that's how it sounds too me), on his tumblr account either. You might want to check and make sure your work isn't there.
"Tηis βlog is for Pηotogrαphy, Artistic work, Wαllpαpεrs, Dεsigns αnd Somε sociαl and fυnny stυff. ® All contents have been taken from the internet and I do not claim to own any. ✍ If you have found your work here and you would like to take it off, please just let me know. ** If you like to submit your work, you are always welcome"
Have a good weekend folks.
A cool little spoof whereCommander James T. Kirk and crew meet Darth Vader…
Good day everyone, how are you doing? I am thinking about selling or shutting my group architecturenature.deviantart.… because...well in truth I am not very active in it. I enjoy operating it, but as some of you may know I also operate wherebeautyreigns.deviantart.c… where I have a gallery folder in which I support work of various genre types is not specific to people.

If you are interested in taking on ArchitectureNature, please contact me or leave a comment on this journal.

If this group does change hands, I would like to remain there in contributor status.

Hope all is well and say hi with thoughts or whatever, I always enjoy hearing from you.

Have a nice weekend and be well. For those in Northeast America and Canada stay warm...holy crap it's cold! Here in Rochester NY, we have had our coldest February ever recorded, with a total of 6 hours (for the whole month) above freezing temps.

Hey people, how are you today? At one point I was writing poetry to photography of women, once I secured the owner's permission. Does this type of work interest you?She moves through the fair by Android-shooter
Can anyone tell me how to put a full size photos in this area, and do I need to be premium to do so? Hope everyone has a good night, and be well.