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I'll randomly stop by people's pages and look around at their work, what they are trying to relay in a piece of work, think about it and appreciate the values in variables given.

What is beyond me is how people can assume what is going through the mind of an artist they've never spoken too, yet seem to think they "know" the artist like a close personal friend.

I said the words "you should" once to someone while encouraging them on something. The response was that she didn't like the word "should" and mildly explained why.

For those of you that do not know a lot about me, I am a writer, although I don't post my work online (theft and all). I think about words, I think of how powerful they can be when put in this order or that. They have impact, whether positive or negative. I have learned this and try to live by it.

I was looking around on here to and I saw a comment on a photo. The photo was a woman who was not smiling. The comment stated that the woman should be smiling. 

It irked me. The person has no idea on what the image was trying to relay and being cute in the specific comment stated was more along the lines of being assumptive and arrogant in way of suggestion. 

That image was created like that for a reason most of us, if not all will never know. I think leaving comments is fine, but when the work is undermined for the sole purpose of someone wanting to be "cute", it becomes a very negative connotation in undertone. 

It's kind of exactly the same thing as a female being degraded for doing an artistic nude around here and then some jackhole leaving a comment about how cute her tits are.

I am pretty sure there are some people who post nudes to get comments and attention, and they get their trolls that hit on them over pictures too. On a more serious level though, I think models and photographers that work towards a basis of creating something that is moving paint those scenes, and who are we to abuse what we don't understand the ideas behind?
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February 26, 2016


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